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TxawjKum Kelvin Vue

TxawjKum Kelvin Vue


I would like to personally welcome you to our website. The Vue family of Minnesota has been keeping our family united for the past 30+ years. It is our privileged to have had good leaders in our past to maintain unification in the Vue clan. I’d like to thank all the past Presidents and Leaders for their hard work, leaderships and dedications to promote, unite, and strengthen the Vue families in the State of Minnesota. The Vue family of Minnesota aims to be the premier self-sufficient model of a comprehensive educational, cultural and support service. To help grow in strength, security and prosperity for our family. Our mission is to strengthen and improve the quality of life and to enhance the growth and development of our family members. To focus on education advancement, socio-economic opportunities, cultural and family values. I encourage all the family and community members to join us as our two-year term has just begun. We will strive to improve in communications within our clan and the communities. We will conduct a study, survey and gather data to measure success in our children’s education. We will offer scholarship programs to our graduates as well as mentorship. We will establish an economic support system to build an incentives program to promote our businesses and family members. Most important of all, we will develop a uniform cultural practice system to our Traditional and Christian believers by providing better information and resources. Also, we will build a model to eliminate the gaps among Youths, Parents, Hmong Traditional, and Christianity practices. I, thank you for your continuing support and involvement in the Vue Family of Minnesota.

Thank you,

President TxawjKum Kelvin Vue